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 about Patrick 

the courage MANIFESTO

1. Courage over Self-belief 

2. Intentional Calculated Acts over Randomness 

3. Impact of the unpolished you now over the refined you tomorrow

Patrick's Mission Statement

To be the courage sherpa on your mountain climb; that person who challenges and applies the needed pressure and expectations on your talents and choices and draws out of you greater potentials, contributions, elevated performance, and insane results that helps them courageously make the impact on your world that you are capable of.

how I got here 

People, like me, who stutter very often feel stalled and spectators in our own lives and careers because we feel stigmatized by our stuttering. No matter how much you accomplish in your life, you are defined by or known as the person who stutters. You could win a Nobel Peace Prize or three Olympic Gold Medals, in three different sports and you’d still be that person who won… and stutters. 

The problem is, that in order to be on the fast track to success and leading a life of significance and legacy of contagious impact, you have to take a stand, speak up and be heard. Yet, many of us feel shame every time we open our mouths. And because of this, we hide, ignore the courage trapped and swirling around within us and find ourselves stuck in unfulfilling lives far below what we are capable of. 

Many people who stutter experience depression from feeling left out from positions of leaderships or significance. And we go to speech therapy, but therapy has it’s own limitations as it just addresses trying to survive, not thrive.  This lack of control or stuck we feel over our speech can continue the feelings of powerlessness in all aspects of our lives – personal and professional. After agonizing over my stuttering for several years, I realized it wasn't stuttering that I really hated but being defined by it.  I decided to redefine my stuttering by mastering not self-belief but courage.

I’ve worked in leadership positions in business analysis and process management for/at International companies, including 3M, US Bank, GE, Emerson Process Management, and Wells Fargo as well as a scrum master when self-management and mastery first intrigued me.  I founded Stutterer’s Courage LLC, a strategic courage coaching organization to take a stand for owning and creating one's legacy.

In my programs, you will have transformational opportunities to courageously redefine and reinvent yourself, make fear and failure fun and create the impact you have always desired to be known and remembered for whether in a volunteer role at a church, an employee, a business owner, executive or wherever their world is; there is always impact to be made.


I give you my ARM, yes, my Activate Redefine Master system of mastering courage. These are the same tools and techniques that took me from being a self-conscious, introverted, “spectator” guy who was defined by stuttering to being a high school class valedictorian as well as a 2015 district finalist of the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. All still as a guy who stutters. 

You will walk away feeling that you can unleash your own courage and become influential and impactful in spite of any limitations or stuck.