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How to jumpstart your courage and create the impact you are capable of.

How do you keep a measure of your self belief levels in a day?  What level of self-belief drives you to fearlessly act? How do you rebuild your self-belief when it dips? The fact is ALWAYS fluctuating; it is a moving target that changes the rule of the game at any point - beginning, middle, or end - in the game it chooses.  Self-belief is overrated; you don't need it to be impactful. You need to master courage!

This keynote activates and transforms you into being the courage you admired in others, the courage that is already trapped and swirling around in you looking for a chance to be unleashed - the Courage to BE more, BE intentional, and BE significant and shape your own legacy - in your relationships, work, passions and causes, and impact.


This portfolio keynote aligns with the three (3) stages of my Activate Redefine Master (ARM) system.


60-90 minute keynote



Develop your courage mindset


Learn why self-belief, self-esteem, and anything that begin with self are temporary and overrated 

Learn the concept of Super-heated courage and how it works for you

Understand how your stuck can get your legacy stuck.

Repackage your limitation using my ARM (Activate Redefine Master) system of mastering courage.