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Hello Patrick, I was thinking about you this morning as I begin my journey to become a John Maxwell speaker. Hope all is well and I plan to keep you involved and updated. When you spoke in Nashville at the PMI symposium your words really ignited a spark in me. Thank you for your words.

IT Project Manager

Howard Osaitile, PMP, CSM

Many speakers inspire me to be a better person, to put forth my best self to the world, but Patrick Meniboon inspires me to take who I am right now and authentically encourage others. I don't have to be perfect to make a difference. I met Patrick through Toastmasters and was immediately struck by his friendly demeanor and positive attitude. I am inspired by his willingness to speak professionally despite having what many might consider a significant stumbling block, stuttering. Patrick has turned his stumbling block into a stepping stone.

Keynote Speaker | Breakout Speaker | Leadership Keynote Speaker | Presentation Skills Coach | Speech Coach | Author

Diane Windingland

Patrick represents the epitome of overcoming adversity, meeting challenges head on and emerging triumphantly. Our paths first crossed over a year ago, at a Toastmasters International Speech Contest. Since that time, I've been quite impressed with Patrick's willingness to excel as a leader in Toastmasters; and that he's done. Despite battling a speech impediment, Patrick has taken on the leadership role of Area 97 Governor in Toastmasters. In this important position, Patrick has the responsibility of overseeing the growth & development of several Toastmasters' clubs. Instead of avoiding the spotlight, as many would do in his situation, Patrick embrace and challenges it. Whenever I hear the name of Patrick Meniboon, I continue to be inspired and motivated, to accomplish my goals and dreams; not only in Toastmasters; but in life in general. John Quincy Adams said it best, "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." Thus, this is why I'm able to recommend Patrick Meniboon as a courageous and resilient leader without hesitation or reservation!

President, Kenny Ray Live! Seminars..."America's Voice of Motivation!"

Kenny Ray Morgan