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Create Your Impact Using Mind Mapping 

In this technology age of information overload where students, teachers, trainers, business executives and everyone in between are paralyzed by the analysis of left brain linear thinking, this workshop is what you get when you blend an inspirational talk on mastering courage, redefining limitations, and the techniques of mind mapping - seeing how both the big picture and details of one part are connected, related, and intertwined with those of other parts all in one place - to create clarity and activate courage.

Originally designed to help a high school student see his life (options) including whether to go to college or not, this course/workshop is applicable to help a middle schooler learn, in requirement elicitation for projects, and strategic planning for decision makers.

While a Mind Mapping software could be used, this workshop only introduces the concept and technique of Mind Mapping not how to use a particular software.

Target Audience: High School Students, Teachers, Trainers, Trainers of trainers, Project professionals, decision makers, individuals interested in strategic ideation

This workshop does not teach Mind Mapping software

Transformational Opportunities:

  • Using elements of my Activate Redefine Master (ARM) system, learn how the four (4) phases of learning - want, do, feedback, and digest - can help you create the impact you are capable of.

  • Learn how to apply the transformative skills and technique of mind mapping to create clarity.

  • Learn how technology can aid and enhance your decision making using mind mapping.

  • Learn how to craft your life - projects, plans, analysis, requirements, options - from your core values to your obituary.

Craft Your Best Life

Most people do not know who they really are or what they really want; it is the known unknown, so they don't recognize opportunities when they show up perfectly unwrapped. 

This workshop presents an opportunity to get you insights into your Best Self - discover your purpose, core values, intrinsic motivations, passions, interests, impacts among others.  You will leave with a rough blueprint of who you really aspire to be. 

Target Audience: Individuals on a quest to get insights and answers the questions "Who am I", "What do I really want" or "what is the meaning of my life".


Transformational Opportunities:

  • Discover scenarios where you are the best you

  • Learn how your role in those scenarios could point you to the problem your life could be meant to solve

  • Discover the impact you are capable of

  • Craft the Best You

  • Discover your core values, intrinsic motivations, interests, etc.

  • Make decision making easier by understanding your Best Self

  • Craft your Best Life with your Best Self in it